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Training & Development

Training & Development

Resource-based HR model emphasize on the company's human resources as a strategy for sustained competitive advantage. Instead of focusing on positioning in the product market, firms can achieve sustainable competitive advantage by developing resources & capabilities which add unique value and can't be easily copied by others. In SWOT analysis, the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) emphasizes the strategic importance of exploiting/developing "internal strengths" and reducing internal "weaknesses". The CHRO also recognizes that a firm may not need a uniquely endowed workforce to establish a distinctive competency as long as it has managerial capabilities that no competitor possesses.

List of accredited and unaccredited universities
Top universities ranking. Unaccredited universities.
  • China's Universities Ranking 1999 - by [details]

  • Chinese Universities Ranking 2001 - by [details]

  • Economist Intelligence Unit 2007 MBA rankings [details]

  • Financial Times EMBA ranking 2008 [details]

  • Financial Times Global MBA rankings [details]

  • Ranking Web of World Universities [details]

  • Top 500 World Universities [details]
  • List of unaccredited institutions of higher learning [details]
  • Note: Universities ranking is based on the survey company own assessment criterias. Thus the universities ranking may differ for different reports.

    Corporate Universities
    An increasing number of companies are establishing Corporate universities to build their "core" competencies:
    Corporate University Comments.
    Hamburger University. [details] Since its inception, training at Hamburger University has emphasized consistent restaurant operations procedures, service, quality and cleanliness. It has become the company global center of excellence for McDonald operations training and leadership development.
    Intel University. [details] Intel, acknowledges that growth is an ongoing process. Intel employee have access to an extensive online library of the latest management, leadership, business, and technical publications through Books 24x7.
    Motorola University. [details] As the inventor of the Six Sigma methodology, Motorola focused their efforts on advancing the Six Sigma methodology, providing Six Sigma training.
    LG Academy/ LG Learning centre. [details] LG Academy/ LG Learning centre designs and delivers Leadership & LG Way courses for LG employees.

    Training games/energizers
    Here's a list of Training games/energizers that trainers can use for training.
    Training games/energizers Comments.
    Le illusioni di Octavio Ocampo. [download] Show picture. Ask the participants to Look at the picture. How many people can you see? Learning point of the picture, is that we have to look at different dimensions to solve a problem.
    Can you read the words? [download] Distribute a teaser handout to all the participants. Ask the participants to look across the circle and ask what does it say?. Learning point of the picture, is that we have to look at different dimensions to solve a problem.

    Courses for your Training Plan
    Subject Course providers
    Accounting & Finance courses
  • FTMS Global [details]

  • Kaplan Financial [details]

  • Management Skills Centre [details]

  • Singapore Accountancy Academy [details]

  • Times Management Institute [details]
  • Business Continuity Plan (BCP) courses
  • BCM Institute [details]
  • Business courses
  • Asia Business Forum [details]
  • Change Management courses
  • ASTD-STADA [details]
  • Computing courses
  • Beacon [details]

  • Comat [details]

  • FTMS Global [details]

  • Informatics Group [details]

  • New Horizons Computer Learning Center [details]
  • HR courses
  • Australia Human Resources Institute [details]

  • Civil Service College [details]

  • Ddiworld [details]

  • HRsingapore [details]

  • HRmatters21 [details]

  • Institute of Labour Studies [details]

  • Keymedia [details]

  • POD [details]

  • PSB Academy [details]

  • School of Counselling [details]

  • Singapore Human Resources Institute [details]

  • Singapore Institute of Management [details]

  • Singapore Training & Development Association (STADA) [details]

  • Taxpro [details]

  • The Asia Business Forum [details]

  • Worldatwork [details]
  • Language courses
  • Cambridge Institute [details]

  • Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese, French, Malay, Italian, Spanish, Thai, Dutch, English, Korean, German, Korean, German, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, Tamil, Indonesian, Vietnamese class
  • French Faster [details]
    French class

  • Singapore Chinese Chamber Institute of Business [details]
    Mandarin class

  • Times Management Institute [details]
    Mandarin class
  • Leadership development
  • INSEAD [details]

  • Center for Creative Leadership [details]
  • Marketing, Sales, & Customer Service courses
  • Management Skills Centre [details]

  • Management Skills Centre [details]

  • Marketing Institute of Singapore [details]

  • Singapore Retailers Association[details]

  • Times Management Institute [details]
  • Purchasing, Logistics & Supply Chain Management courses
  • Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport [details]

  • Singapore Institute of Purchasing & Materials Management [details]

  • Singapore Institute of Materials Management [details]

  • Singapore Institute of Purchasing & Materials Management [details]

  • Singapore Logistics Association [details]

  • Recommended trainers/courses
    Subject Trainer/Provider Comments about the Trainer/Provider.
    Presentation Skills Ms Anne Leong. Mobile: +65-96917109, Email: Good trainer for Presentation skills. During the course, participants will need to make presentations to the class. Anne will record the presentations, and re-play it for the participants to see. She will provide frank feedback on the participant's strengths and weakness.
    Using Excel Effectively in Compensation Management HRBS [details] Very practical MS Excel course designed for Compensation & Benefits Specialists. In the course, you'll learn Excel techniques commonly used by Compensation Specialists such as Matrix calculation, VLookup, HLookup, Index, Match, Data Regression, Correlation, Pivot Table, Charts, Auto & Advanced Filter, Text Handling, Conditional Formatting, Array Formula, Macro & Short-cut Keys
    Curriculum Design 1) STADA-ACTA
    Contact Kate at

    2) ASTD
    Contact Foongyee at 67320027
    I have attended the STADA-ACTA Design and Develop a WSQ Facilitated Training Programme conducted by Mr See Teck Meng. He is a very good curriculum design trainer. If you are interested, you can contact Kate at You can also contact the Trainer Mr See Teck Meng directly at (65)97696813.
    Train-the-Trainer 1) STADA-ACTA
    Contact Kate at

    2) ASTD
    Contact Foongyee at 67320027
    I have attended the STADA-ACTA Prepare and Facilitate Classroom Training conducted by Mr Isa. He is the best trainer/ facilitator that I have met. If you are interested, you can contact STADA, Ms Kate at You can also contact the Trainer Mr Isa directly at (65)96286244.

    Training subsidy by Government
    Here's where companies can get subsidies from the Government for their employee training:
    Country Training Subsidy
    Singapore Skills Development Fund [details]