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Other HR Forums/Blogs

Other HR Forums/Blogs

Interesting HR Blogs!

HR folks have this reputation for being not very open about what they do (probably becos the stuff is confidential). Maybe blogging about what they do is a creative outlet, a way to blow off some steam, and write about all the things that they wish they could say at work but can't. So here's my tribute to my fellow HR bloggers. Below is a sampling of some of the best HR blogs I've found. Check them out!:

HR Blog name What each blog is about
Chief Happiness Officer [details] Find out what you can do to make your business the place that inspires workers to do a great job and have fun at the same time with this inspiring blog.
Compensation Force [details] Practical news, information, tips and musings about employee performance and compensation. Featured blogger Ann Bares is managing partner of Altura Consulting Group, LLC. She has more than 20 years of experience consulting in the areas of compensation and performance management. She is an instructor for the University of Minnesota and has served as adjunct faculty at Concordia University.
Evil HR Lady [details] With experience at a Fortune 500 company, the Evil HR Lady takes all sorts of HR questions and answers them on her blog. This is a popular blog for good reason.
Guru blog [details] The notorious commentator from Personnel Today's back page, shares his wisdom on the world of work. Focusing on the latest news in human resources and people management, he takes an irreverent look at issues that affect us all.
H aRRgh!! [details] This highly entertaining blog shares the daily dilemmas of HR Hartley, a real human resources officer working in a real H aRRgh! department, in a company, which perceives HR simultaneously as a high-level troubleshooter and the general dogsbody. The only thing that isn't real is his name.
HC Global [details] HC Global is the blog of Nicholas J Higgins, chief executive of professional services firm VaLUENTiS. It is the leading blog on human capital management, providing an interactive forum for debate, and assisting in widening the contextual knowledge and understanding of this discipline.
The Work Clinic [details] The Work Clinic allows you to voice your own opinions and become an active participant in the workplace community. Do you have a career or workplace issue but nowhere to turn? Get advice from leading experts in the fields of HR, recruitment and business. The Work Clinic is supported by a panel of resident experts.
Top 50 HR Blogs [details] This website list the top 50 HR blogs, describing its contents.

HR forums
HR Forum name What each Forum is about
Asiaxpat forum [details] Forum for Asia Expatriates.
HRmatters21 forum [details] Forum on Singapore HR issues. forum [details] Popular HR Forum.
HRsingapore forum [details] Forum on Singapore HR issues.
JobsCentral Community forum [details] Forum on Singapore HR issues.
Personneltoday HR Space [details] British HR discussion forum. Interesting forum layout with large membership.
Singapore Expats forum [details] Singapore Expat Forum and Message Board for Expats in Singapore & Expatriates Relocating to Singapore.
The Malaysia Online Legal Resources forum [details] This forum has many good discussions about Malaysia employment cases from a legal perspective.
Workforce Management forum [details] Forum is targeted at workforce-management professionals, and not for employees.