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Salary Reports Worldwide

Salary Reports Worldwide

Whenever I ask Compensation managers about their compensation strategy, I usually get the answer "we pay at market median". Words like "we pay at market median" are empty objectives with no strategy behind them. Without thinking, many companies use a "follow the herd" strategy of following what everybody else does: This is a sure-fire way to be mediocre.

Companies should have a written Compensation & Benefits philosophy.  Documenting the Compensation & Benefits philosophy forces discussion and agreement on what it really entails & provides a basis to decide if a HR program that falls outside the umbrella is right for the organization. A good Compensation & Benefits philosophy should specify the pay positioning, industry benchmark, and peer-group companies to benchmark.

Salary reports
Country Free salary reports.
Australia HAYS 2008 salary guide - Australia [details] [details]
Robert Walters 2008 Australia salary survey [details]
TMS salary survey Australia results - 2007 [details]
Belgium Robert Walters 2008 Belgium salary survey [details]
Canada Living in canada - Canadian Salary Survey [details]
France Robert Walters 2008 France salary survey [details]
Hong Kong Robert Walters 2008 Hong Kong salary survey [details]
India Jobstreet salary report - India [details]
Indonesia Kelly Services Indonesia Salary Guide 2007 [details]
Ireland Robert Walters 2008 Ireland salary survey [details]
2008 Hudson Salary Survey Ireland [details]
Japan Robert Walters 2008 Japan salary survey[details]
Luxembourg Robert Walters 2008 Luxembourg salary survey [details]
Malaysia Kelly Services Malaysia Salary Guide 2008/09. [details]
Jobstreet salary report - Malaysia [details]
Robert Walters 2008 Malaysia salary survey [details]
Netherlands Robert Walters 2008 Netherlands salary survey [details]
New Zealand Robert Walters 2008 New Zealand salary survey [details]
Philippines Jobstreet salary report - Philippines [details]
Singapore Kelly Services Singapore Salary Guide 2007. [details]
Jobstreet salary report - Singapore [details]
Robert Walters 2008 Singapore salary survey [details]
Starting salary of ITE Graduates - by MOM [ddownload]
Starting salary of Diploma Graduates - by MOM [download]
Starting salary of University Graduates - by MOM [ddownload]
Singapore fresh graduates starting pay survey report Mar 2009 - by Cedric Ng [details]
South Africa Robert Walters 2008 South Africa salary survey [details]
Spain Robert Walters 2008 Spain salary survey [details]
Thailand Kelly Services Thailand Salary Handbook 2008/09. [details]
United Kingdom Robert Walters 2008 United Kindom salary survey [details]
USA Robert Walters 2008 United States salary survey [details]
Worldwide Glassdoor [details]
Hudson Salary Information (Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and China). [details]
Jobmob global guide to job salaries in 2008. [details]
Overseasdigest - International Salary report.[details]
Roberthalf global financial salary guide 2008. [details]
Asia Pacific average pay increase. [details]

Salary increase % reports
Free Salary increase % reports.
Projected global salary increase percentage. [download]

Allowance reports
Free allowance reports.
Asia-Pacific Standby allowance report. [download]

Unique jobs salary reports
Free salary reports.
CEO Compensation. [details]
China Actor/Actress salaries. [details]
Highest Paid Celebrities 2006. [details]
NBA basketball player salaries. [details]
National Sports Coach salaries (Table tennis, Soccer, Swimming). [details]
Soccer Player salaries. [details]
Taxi drivers earnings in Singapore. [details]
World Leaders salaries. [details]

Cost/Quality of living index
Free salary reports.
Cost of Living in various countries - numbeo [details]
The Economist BigMac cost of living index [details]
Globalpropertyguide price of goods index [details]
GDP and inflation projections - Economist [details]
Mercer's 2008 Cost of Living survey highlights. [details]
Mercer's 2008 Quality of Living survey highlights. [details]
Singapore Cost-Of-Living index. [details]
Singapore price index. [details]
Top 28 most expensive cities. [details]
UBS price & earnings 2009 - ranking of relative global purchasing power & cost of living. [details]

Inflation rates worldwide
Free salary reports.
The World Bank [details]
International Monetary Fund (IMF) [details]
Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) [details]
Asian Development Bank (ADB) [details]
Economist [details]

Share prices
Share prices.
Singapore shares (SGX) [details]
France shares (Gemalto) [details]
France shares (Euronext) [details]

Per Diem Table
Countries with Per Diem Table.
Singapore [details] [download]
Taiwan [details] [download]
USA [details] [download]

Major regional salary report providers (pay sites)
Companies Job evaluation/matching methodology Strengths
Hay [details] Jobs are evaluated based on 3 main factors:
(i) Accountability
(ii) Know-how
(iii) Problem solving
Among all the salary report providers in Asia Pacific, Hay has the most participating companies in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Japan for General Industry. Clients can only extract Hay salary reports for one position each time through the online Hay PayNet. Clients who prefer hard-copy salary reports for all positions may not like the hassle of going online to extract salary information position by position. The Hay Job Evaluation done by the Hay consultants is robust. However, Clients need to pay Hay consultants to do Job Evaluation for Hay grade 21 to 30. The fees charged by Hay consultants to do Job Evaluation for each job is extremely expensive. Clients can opt to purchase the Hay Job Evaluation Manager (JEM). However the Hay Job Evaluation Manager is also extremely expensive. Hay clients have the option of using either job matching or job evaluation to benchmark jobs. Clients of Hay are only able do simple job evaluation (simplified version of what the Hay consultants use) for Hay grades 5 to 20. The simplified Hay job evaluation tool available to Clients may not provide a good measurement of the complexity of an incumbent’s job, and is only catered for the evaluation of all local jobs (except for General Manager). The job evaluation system available in Hay PayNet is not designed for the evaluation of Regional jobs. Expatriate salary data is available for clients at a different package.
Hewitt [details] Jobs are evaluated based on 5 main factors:
(i) Knowledge & Application
(ii) Problem solving & innovation
(iii) Cultural interaction
(iv} Impact
(v) Accountability
Hewitt is strong for the Hospitality, Hotels, and F&B industry. Hewitt salary reports have many unique Hospitality positions such as Western Sous Chef, Japanese Sous Chef, Italian Sous Chef, Food & Beverage manager, Cook, Banquet Supervisor, Bartender, Dishwasher, Room Service Attendant, Business Center Executive, Bell Captain, Tennis Court manager, Gym instructor, Beautician. Hair-stylist, Life-Guard, etc.
HRBS Asia [details] The HRBS methodology for position evaluation is based on 3 main criteria and an optional criterion on working condition:
(i) Capacity
(ii) Ability
(iii) Consequence
(iv) Working conditions {optional criteria}
Among all the salary report providers in Asia Pacific, HRBS is the only company providing Bangladesh salary data for General Industry. HRBS covers the most countries in Asia-Pacific. HRBS focus on Management salary & Expatriates salary in Asia-Pacific. They do not provide market salary for non-managerial positions. For now, HRBS is gradually building up its professional positions salary database. HRBS Job Evaluation methodology is one of the best in the market. As HRBS has many grades (total of 37 grades), users will be able to benchmark with fine distinctions to differentiate the complexities of different jobs. Clients can evaluate jobs themselves using the HRBS methodology without the need to pay additional charges for Consultants to evaluate the jobs. HRBS Salary tends to be on the high side compared to the other Salary Reports. Users can only extract HRBS salary reports for one position each time. Users who prefer hard-copy salary reports for all positions may not like the hassle of extracting position by position online. HRBS service is excellent. They are fast in response, and open for feedback. HRBS coordinates very well internally. Thus Regional HR practitioners, who handle 10 countries, will only need to liaise with 1 HRBS consultant for 10 countries salary surveys/reports.
Mercer [details] Jobs are evaluated based on 4 main factors:
(i) Impact
(ii) Communication
(iii) Innovation
(iv) Knowledge
Among all the salary report providers in Asia Pacific, Mercer has the most participating companies in India for General Industry. In terms of pricing, Mercer salary report is the most expensive. The price of Mercer salary reports is about double the price of the other salary reports. . Mercer Job Evaluation methodology is one of the most robust in the market, and clients can do job evaluation for all positions without the need to engage the Mercer consultants. This can translate to substantial cost savings if you need to implement salary grades. Mercer’s description for Profession Career Stream is very well written.
Towers Perrin [details] (1) Top mgt positions are evaluated based on job description and company charateristics (Revenue).
(2) Middle mgt, Professional, and Support Jobs are evaluated by aligning the jobs to one of the 5 Towers Perrin career ladders. After classifying by career ladders, the Towers Perrin function/discipline are selected.
(i) Supervisory/Management {Group Mgr/ Snr Mgr/ Mgr/ Supervisor}
(ii) Professional {Renowned Expert/ Master/ Specialist/ Career/ Intermediate/ Entry}
(iii) Customer/Client management and Sales {Snr Expert/ Expert/ Career/ Intermediate/ Entry}
(iv) Technical/Business support {Lead/ Snr/ Intermediate/ Entry}
(v) Production/Operations {Lead/ Snr/ Intermediate/ Entry}
Among all the salary report providers in Asia Pacific, Towers Perrin has the smallest presence in Asia-Pacific for General Industry. Towers Perrin strength in Asia-Pacific is for Financial and High-technology industries. Towers Perrin classification of function/discipline is highly specific & suitable for Research & Development jobs. Examples of Towers Perrin Research & Development positions are: Embedded software/firmware product development, Systems Architecture product development, Packaged Applications product development, etc. However, at times, Towers Perrin is not able to provide the market salary data for many Research & Development jobs because they do not have enough data points for their overly specific function/discipline.
Watson Wyatt [details] 1) Job grading is done only for top management positions based on 7 main criteria:
(i) Functional knowledge
(ii) Business expertise
(iii) Leadership
(iv) Problem solving
(v) Nature of impact
(vi) Area of impact
(vii) Interpersonal skills

2) For positions of other levels, job matching is done purely based on job description and company characteristics.
In terms of number of participating companies, Wyatt is the strongest in Asia-Pacific. It has the most participating companies in countries such as Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Australia, Taiwan,Hong Kong, Korea.

Weakness of Wyatt is that it's job grades does not differentiate a middle-manager with local scope versus a middle-manager with regional scope. This means that, based on Wyatt salary report, a local manager will seem to be under paid, while a regional manager will seem over-paid! In my opinion, middle-managers with regional scope should be higher in terms of grades compared to a local manager.

Correlation table for Hay/Hewitt/Mercer/Watson Wyatt/HRBS/Towers Perrin grades
Correlation table for Hay/Hewitt/Mercer/Watson Wyatt/HRBS/Towers Perrin grades [download]