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Hiring the right people is important as the people hired today will shape the future of the company. However, most recruitment department has no strategy at all. Words like "we hire the best peopleā€ are empty objectives with no strategy behind them.

To be strategic, Chief Human Resources Officers (CHRO) needs to create an Overarching Recruitment philosophy, Employer Branding Strategy, as well as short-term Tactical recruitment strategies.
[details] Examples of tactical recruitment strategies include Hire & Discharge strategy, Flexible-workforce strategy, Best-talent hiring strategy, Pre-need hiring strategy, Honey-hire strategy, Counter-cycle hiring strategy, Hire-to-learn strategy, Mine-sweeper strategy, Hire-to-kill strategy, Hiring-when-the-fruit-is-ripe strategy, and Blue Ocean hiring strategy.

Sharing on the recruitment sites as well as comments about the recruitment site:
Recruitment Website Countries covered Comments [details] Bangladesh Largest job site in Bangladesh [details] USA Largest US online job site
Careerjet [details] China [details]
Japan [details]
Korea [details]
Hong Kong [details]
Singapore [details]
Malaysia [details]
India [details]
United States [details]
Careerjet is an employment search engine. In one simple search, Careerjet gives the job seeker access to a massive selection of jobs that are compiled from various internet sources, saving the trouble of having to visit each site individually. Careerjet's international network of job search engines index employment opportunities in over 50 countries, whose interfaces and job listings are native to each country's site.
ChinaHR [details] China 51job is more popular in Shanghai
Cjol [details] China not popular in China
Jobsdb [details] Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, USA Very strong for Singapore and Hong Kong.
Weak for USA, China.
Jobstreet [details] Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Blangadesh Very strong for Malaysia and Philippines.
Strong for Singapore and India
Jobscentral [details] Singapore Portal for Singapore job seekers [details] Australia Find the latest jobs in and around Canberra (Australia) [details] China, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, India, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand Crawl jobs from various recruitment websites & newspapers. [details] Global is a specialist global talent and recruitment job board for employers and job seekers in Supply Chain.
Supplychainasia [details] Singapore Supply Chain Asia helps to match make employers with prospective professionals seeking to develop their career in the Supply Chain industry.
Zhaopin [details] China Zhao Ping is more popular in Beijing
51job [details] China average popularity in China
Note: The popularity of a recruitment site is determined by factors such as the number of job positions advertised, number of job candidates, and number of clients.

Country Newspaper Comments
Australia The Sydney Morning Herald NA
Britain Financial Times
The Guardian
The Times
Financial Times
France International Herald Tribute [details]
The guardian [details]
Japan The Asahi Shimbun NA
Singapore The Straits Times [details] Job Advertisement Contact: Starlight Advertising Pte Ltd, 29A Teo Hong Road, Singapore 088335, Tel: 6336 2733
Thailand Bangkok Post NA
United States The Boston Globe
The Washington Post
Wall STreet Journal
The New York Times

Adidas [view]
Alexandra Hospital [view]
Maybank [view]
National parks [view]
NTUC [view]
Puma [view]
Institute of Techinical Education [view]
MOE1 [view]
MOE2 [view]
Singapore Civil Defence Force [view]
Yellow Pages [view]

    Interviewing tips
  • Competency based interview [details]

  • Poor selection techniques result in the hiring of mediocre employees. Psychometric tools such as MBTI, Harrison InnerView, DISC can help select candidates that fit a company's culture, and can be used for training needs analysis and mentoring.

      Psychological test (free sites)
    • Personality Test [details]

    • Personality test center [details]

    • Queendom - the land of test [details]

    • The Ubiquitous DISC Personality Test[details]

    • Types of psychological tools (pay-sites)
      Psychological tool Provider Comments
      MBTI Hemisphere Consulting [details]
      Peak Performers Consulting [details]
      Breuss Consulting [details]
      MBTI measures personality types
      DISC Peak Performers Consulting [details]
      OTi Consulting [details]
      DISC measures behaviors in various situations
      Harrison InnerView HRnet Performance Consulting [details] Harrison InnerView focus on work performance factors to predict job success.