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Cedric's HR articles

Cedric's HR articles

Cedric's HR Articles
Article title Description Publication
1) The delicate art of sales - designing sales incentive schemes. [download] In this article, I explain how to design sales incentive schemes. Designing a good incentive scheme is a challenging "art", and there are many ways to design sales incentive schemes depending on the industry and business model. Published on May 2008 in Human Resources magazine [details]
2) Tell the right tale - Organisational storytelling. [download] This article is about Organisational storytelling. This is an abstract concept that is useful for HR professionals who is interested in Employer branding and Corporate cultures. Published on 30 May 2008 in The Straits Times [details]
3) Playing the recruitment game - Recruitment strategy [download] This article is about Recruitment strategies. In this article, I talked about tactical recruitment strategies such as Hire & Discharge strategy, Flexible-workforce strategy, Best-talent hiring strategy, Pre-need hiring strategy, Honey-hire strategy, Counter-cycle hiring strategy, Hire-to-learn strategy, Mine-sweeper strategy, Hire-to-kill strategy, and Hiring-when-the-fruit-is-ripe strategy. However, I did not talked about the Blue-Ocean hiring strategy, as I was still developing this concept then. Published on Dec 2008 in Human Resources magazine [details]
4) What are you made of? [download] This article is about how you can turn your company core values into competitive advantage. Published on June 2009 in Human Resources magazine [details]
5) Packing a Punch? article about Employer Branding [download] This article is about Employer Branding. Published on Dec 2009 in Human Resources magazine [details]
6) The benefits of smart business [download] This article is about Benefits strategy. Published on Jan 2011 in Human Resources magazine [details]
7) Global Remuneration tax planning [download] This article is about Remuneration tax planning for 19 countries. Published on Jan 2011 in Human Capital magazine.
8) Designing Strategic Salary Structures [download] In this article, I explain how to design strategic Salary structures that drive business results and performance. To design strategic salary structures, C&B professionals need to know which positions are hot skills, which positions are difficult-to-hire, which positions have high attrition rate, which employees are talents, which employees are under-performers, and which functions are strategic functions. Published on Jan 2011 in Human Resources magazine.
9) MPEP Benefits analysis methodology [download] In this article, I talked about the MPEP Benefits analysis methodology, whereby employee benefits is analyzed from the perspectives of Market-Position, Employee-Preference, signature-benefits & benefits-cost in a one page graphical format. Published on June 2011 in Communities of Practice (CoP) HR best practices magazine
10) Designing effective organizations Organizational Design [download] This article is about Organizational Design, where I explain how to design effective/efficient organization structure to support company strategy, talent pool, based on the different business context. I explain how organizations structures have to change as businesses startup, grow, mature, and decline. Published on May 2011 in Human Capital magazine.
11) Designing Global Sales Incentive Plans [download] In this article, I explain how to design Global Sales Incentive Plans, that can apply globally and yet provide some flexibility for business unit or local customization. I also talk about how to set effective sales quotas and how changing the way a company segments their market is a more effective way to improve sales performance. Published on Jan 2012 in Human Capital magazine.

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